Based at Wings Over Holland at Airport Lelystad in the Netherlands a group of Russian aircraft owners has come together. As a user of hangar space and maintenance facilities at Wings over Holland and with the number of aircraft growing to 6 Russian aircraft, we decided to bundle our resources and inform the aviation community of our existence. We approached the Wings over Holland management and asked if we could use their well known and highly respected registered trade name, albeit slightly modified, to present ourselves to the aviation community. Permission was kindly given and so Yaks Over Holland was born.

Yaks Over Holland is presently comprised of the following aircraft: 4 x Yak-52’s, one IA-3 and one Yak-3U. Yak-52 RA-1771K owned since Oct. 1996 by Robert 'RedYak' de Vries and Chris v/d Broek. Yak-52 RA-3411K owned since July 2006 by Hans Hollink and Erik v/d Pluym. Yak-52 RA-3480K owned since Oct. 2007 by Willem Doorduin. YAk-52 RA-3513K owned since Jul. 2008 by Stephen 'Kiwi' van Dijck. IA-3 RA-1641K owned since May 2001 by Jan Groot. Yak-3U RA-3482K owned since 2006 as a restoration project and CofA in 2008 by Rick 'Surprise' v/d Graaf.

(source: www. special thanks to Robert "RedYak" de Vries!

Airshow Photography by Henk Tito
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