Based at Wings Over Holland at Airport Lelystad EHLE in the Netherlands a group of Russianaircraft owners has come together. As a user of hangar space and maintenance facilities at Wings over Holland and with the number of aircraft growing to 8 Russian aircraft, we decided to bundle our resources and inform the aviation community of our existence. (incidently, an Interavia IA-3 and an Yak-3U are also in the hangar..hence 8 Russians ! ) Dutch Thunder Yaks is presently comprised of the following aircraft: T-1 Yak-52 RA-1771K since Oct.'96 by Rob de Vries: Robert "RedYak"de Vries '62: Holds Dutch and U.K. display authorisation for low level aerobatics (down to 200 feet/60 m above ground) Formation DA up to 4 ship, as flightleader. Authorized by Russian MoscowFLA organisation to train & check on various Yaks, mainly Yak-52. Robert is an ex-glider pilot and r.c. modeller. After Dutch AF training, self trained for bizz. flights in Cessna-406 Caravan2, 2 years Transavia copilot B737-200 and -300, Since 1990 with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines copilot on A-310,1992 B747-300 and 2003 747-400 Now instructing as a route instructor for newly hired 2nd officers on 747-400. Total flight hours appr. 13.500, and appr. 420 on Yak-52 Chris "Clogs" van den Broek '65: Captain KLM MD-11, occasional demo pilot, flying for KLM since flight school. co-pilot DC-10,A-310,MD-11; capt F-100,B-767,MD-11 11.400 hours, 250 on Yak-52. Current Dutch Formation DA. Uses the Redyak for recreational flights and formation flying. He is an ex. glider pilot as well. T-2 Yak-52 RA-3411K since Jul.'06 by Hans Hollink: T-Hans "Contact" Hollink '62: Started glider-flying at the age of fifteen. Worked as a freelance pilot in general aviation from 1982 until 1986. Flew B737 for Transavia Airlines for one year, joining KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 1987. Worked as first-officer on the B737 and B747-400. Became captain B737 in 1994 and B767 in 2001. Presently working as captain B747-400. Was co-owner of a Boeing Stearman bi-plane before purchasing a Yak-52 in 2006. Obtained a Display Authorization formation fly by's April 2009.2 Yak-52 RA-3411K since Jul.'06 by Hans Hollink Erik "Navy" v/d Pluym '55: Learned to fly in Texas, USA. Joined the Dutch Navy in 1980 on the Cessna Citation and F-27 for training. Started at VSQ 321 on the SP-13A Atlantic. Moved after a year to VSQ-320 became Plane Commander and Demo-Pilot on the P-3C Orion. Joined KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 1987 and on F-100, A-310, B-767 Presently as Captain on the B747-400. Has been an instructor and examiner since 1978 on most forenamed aircraft. Yak-52 since 2007. T-3 Yak-52 RA-3480K since Oct.'07 by Willem Doorduin: Willem "Pencil" Doorduin '53: After 28 years at sea, since 2000 ashore, but still working in shipping industry. Took flying lessons in 2003, and a PPL in 2005. Yakking since 2007, and Russian PPL januari 2008. From april 2008 training in formation, April 2009 DA for formation fly-by's. T-4 Yak-52 RA-3513K since Jul.'08 by Stephen van Dijck: Stephen “Kiwi” van Dijck '59: Born and raised in Auckland New Zealand. Moved to Holland in 1980 and joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Flew NF-5 and F-16’s until leaving Air Force in 1990. Flew solo demo’s on Glasair and NA-64 Yale 1992 until 1999. Formation leader with Fokker Four on Fokker S-11 since 2000. Presently working as a Captain 737 with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Current Dutch Yak-52 acro-champ! T-5 Yak-52 RA-3574K since sep.'09 by Dick Algra+3: Dick "Einstein" Algra '55: (and "Doc" and "Little" and "Barney") T-6 Yak-52 RA-3585K since okt.'09 by Spencer Bennet: Spencer "Yorky" Bennett '67: Born an raised in the republic of Yorkshire, UK Started off flying RAF-gliders age 16, venture T2's as an Air Cadet,Nene Valley Gliding club on K13's JAA&FAA PPL(A) since 1999, night UK IMC & multy engine prop rated GA pilot: AA5,SR20,Extra200,Seneca PA34-200, BE76 Owned PA28,TB10 and DA40Tdi before owning his sturdy Yak-52 600 hours TT (source: DutchThunderYaks)

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