Between 13 and the 24th of april 2015 a large exercise was held at Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands. The exercise is called Frisian Flag 2015. Participating aircraft from several countries in the world will be airborne twice a day. The purpose of Frisian Flag is preparing for any conflict, the main reason is cooperation between the multiple countries. Every other nation speaks another language and is it important that everyone will speak the same during conflict situations. There has been already some conflicts in the past, like in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and some other countries. Thanks to exercises like Frisian Flag it is possible to actually train the cooperative actions.

There are a few area’s in the Dutch airspace where the participants will fly. That will be in the TRA01 ’till 10, those TRA’s are placed above the North sea, the airspace is limited from ground level to 55000 feet / FL550 (= 16,8km). Besides that the Cornfield area will be active as well for air-to-ground practicing. Also the Marnewaard area will be active. There will be a minimum altitude of 1200 feet in the TMA A, that won’t be the case overhead the Waddenzee, there it will be a minimum of 1500 feet. (source


Airshow Photography by Henk Tito
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