Volkel Air Base

Volkel Air Base is one of the 2 Dutch F-16 air bases. The other is Leeuwarden Air Base. The most important tasks of Volkel Air Base are air support and air defence.

Defending Dutch airspace Since 1 January 2017, the Netherlands and Belgium have been taking it in turns to monitor the airspace of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (Benelux). F-16s intercept aircraft that do not identify themselves. The Dutch F-16s are on stand-by for this ‘Quick Reaction Alert’, either in Leeuwarden or in Volkel.

Training for missions From Volkel, F-16s train for worldwide missions. F-16 pilots train for attacking ground targets and providing air defence.

Photographic reconnaissance Aerial photos may contain important information for the Defence organisation. The centre of expertise for photographic reconnaissance in the Netherlands is located at Volkel Air Base. (Source defensie.nl)


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